Alexis Lehmann

The Spirit of Europe

Alexis Lehmann was born in 1939. While he cannot hide his disappointment in the way the construction of Europe has developed, he has always been profoundly European, campaigning passionately for a sovereign Europe. He has a wealth of new ideas and projects to trigger a new dynamic among citizens, and is Vice-Chairman of the Franco-German Fondation Entente which is in charge of the cross-border economy. As such, he is mobilising in favour of the “Life Valley” project, a new name for the upper Rhine Valley that reflects the area’s humanist tradition and its modernity. He reminds us that “this area is at the leading edge of the life and health sciences, with approximately 1,000 companies, laboratories and hospitals which account for 40% of the world’s research in this field”, before concluding that “Europe will be built at the borders, or not at all”.