Alexis Lehmann

The Spirit of Europe Alexis Lehmann was born in 1939. While he cannot hide his disappointment in the way the construction of Europe has developed, he has always been profoundly European, campaigning passionately for a sovereign Europe. He has a wealth of new ideas and […]

Ambassadeur Miroslav Papa

Miroslav PAPA

Miroslav PAPA has been Croatia’s Permanent Representative to the Council of Europe since 2013. Born in Zagreb in 1970, he obtained a law degree from his hometown university before studying international law in Sweden. His diplomatic career has already included a spell in Strasbourg (1999-2002), […]

The Seat Alain Beretz

Alain Beretz

A professor of pharmacology, in December 2008 Alain Beretz became the first president of the unified University of Strasbourg, formed through the merger of three Strasbourg universities, after having presided over Louis-Pasteur University of Strasbourg for over a year. He was re-elected on 18 December […]

The Seat Helene Dollfus

Hélène Dollfus

Hélène Dollfus is the head of the Medical Genetics Department of the University Hospitals of Strasbourg, the Coordinator of the National Reference Centre for Rare Genetic Eye Disorders (CARGO) the Leader of the National Healthcare Network for Rare Sensory Diseases (SENSGENE) and the Director of […]